USB Over Ethernet Connector

Are you in the unfortunate situation where you aren’t able to physically attach your USB device to your computer? Not to worry, because USB Network Gate is here to be the hero you need and the software to solve this problem.

Connecting A USB Over Ethernet Software

USB Network Gate was developed to allow any USB to become available for immediate use by your entire team, regardless of where they are working from physically.

USB Network Gate means that you won’t have to spend tons of money providing individual USB devices to each of your employees or coworkers who may require it to do their jobs.

Usb Network Gate

In fact, this software allows you to share one USB device from a single PC (called a “server”) to any remote machine (called a “client”) that is on the same network. Your colleagues will be able to use the remote USB device as easily as if it was plugged directly into their own computer.

Accessing A USB Devices From
A Virtual Machine

Without software like USB Network Gate, users would usually encounter a “focus window” during their remote session that denies their access to any USB device connected to the host machine.

The “host” is the computer that the USB is connected to physically.

Yes, it is true that you can go through the hassle of redirecting users to the virtual PC from the host, but it isn’t always the best of options to choose from. This is mainly due to the number of USB ports on a virtual machine being very limited. More often than not, these pre-existing ports are being utilized already, anyway.

Accessing USB Devices From
A Remote Desktop

Most are aware that it isn’t possible to access any USB peripherals on a local PC when connected to a remote desktop. In order to work around this common issue and access USB over Ethernet, learn more below about the easiest and most reliable way to access your USB over an RDP.

What Are The Key Advantages Of Using USB over Ethernet software?

  • USB Network Gate Is A Cross-Platform Software. That means that, regardless of your Operating system, USB Network Gate allows users to share USB devices over Ethernet across multiple platforms. If your USB device happens to be connected to a PC running Windows, the USB peripheral is easily accessible to someone else using MAC or Linux (and, the same is true if the situation was reversed).

  • USB Network Gate Offers Traffic Encryption. The Traffic Encryption feature assures that all of your communications with remote devices will be protected and secure.

  • USB Network Gate Has Fantastic Data Transfer Speed. If you’re looking for an easy way of increasing your data transfer speed, the USB NetworkGate app is able to compress all of your transported data from remote machines over an Ethernet or Internet connection.

  • USB Network Gate Allows For Easy Technology Integration. USB Network Gate offers users “USB to Ethernet Connector”. This feature is meant to serve as an individual solution. However, you also have the option of integrating it into your own projects.

  • USB Network Gate Keeps Things Clean With A Simple Interface. With an extremely easy-to-use interface, USB Network Gate makes sure your USB device sharing experience is as efficient as possible.

There is no limit to the number of devices that can be shared with USB Network Gate. USB via Ethernet Connection Software provides users with incalculable opportunities to share as many devices as you like.

Knowing all that, now it might seem obvious why people who want an easy and reliable USB over RDP experience choose USB Network Gate.

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