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FlexiHub is a great alternative to hardware USB servers to redirect USB peripherals over any distance so that you can access them remotely from any part of the world. Installed on network computers, USB Server Software allows users to wirelessly share USB devices among multiple machines while reducing cable clutter on their desks.
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  • Share USB over different networks

    The network USB server lets you print, scan, or fax from any remote computer, as USB through Ethernet supports USB device sharing across any network, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and the Internet. The authorization option will help you control remote user access.

  • Forward USB to a virtual environment

    Need to connect to your local USB devices from a guest OS? FlexiHub will easily turn your host PC into USB to a network server. Just share a peripheral on the host OS and access it from your virtual machine as though the device was physically connected to the guest OS. Plus, you can redirect local devices to blade servers in the same way.

  • Work with remote USB over RDP

    As is known, accessing local USB devices is not an easy matter when you use Remote Desktop Connection. FlexiHub is aimed at providing RDP users with access to their remote USB devices as quickly and as efficiently as possible. With the USB Redirector, you'll be able to configure your remote machine so that it can find and connect to shared USB devices automatically.

  • Security of data transmission

    With the advanced traffic encryption option offered by FlexiHub, you won't have to worry about the security of your network connections. The USB device server will protect your sensitive data from being damaged or intercepted.

  • Data compression

    USB Server allows you to optimize data traffic by using the efficient traffic compression feature. This will help you significantly improve both the data transfer speed and bandwidth utilization. The feature is particularly helpful for devices that typically transfer data in the uncompressed format.

  • Change devices on the fly

    If you want to share a different device, just unplug the currently attached and shared USB device and plug in another one. No computer reboot or restart of the app is required! The new peripheral will be automatically displayed on a remote client machine.

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